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The European Union is an organization of 27 European countries.
In the economy, EU countries share common standards in agriculture, industry ... These countries use the euro.
In politics, citizens of any EU country can reside, work or study in other union countries. They can vote for the candidates for the election.
EU countries have common rules to protect the environment, fight crime, terrorism or equality between men and women.

After World War II in 1945, some European countries decided to cooperate in order to avoid other future potential wars. Its six founders were Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.
In 1957 the countries of the European Union signed  the Treaty of Rome and created the European Economic Community EEC. A common market, the products can circulate between these countries.
In 1973, Denmark, Ireland and the United Kingdom joined the European Union. In 1981 Greece joined the EU, five years later, Spain and Portugal joined.
In 1992 the members of the European Union signed the treaty of Maastricht and the European Community came known as The  European Union.
In 1995, three more countries joined the EU: Austria, Finland and Sweden, in 2004 ten new countries joined the EU, and Bulgaria and Romania in 2007.
There are  other candidate countries to join the EU in the future: Croatia, Turkey and Macedonia.
- The day of the European Union is celebrated the 9th of May.
-The hymn of the European Union is the Hymn of Joy.
-The EU flag is blue with 12 golden stars forming a circle. There are 12 stars because traditionally 12 is the symbol of perfection and equality.


-The European Parliament
-The Council of Europe
-The European Commission
-The Court of Law and the Accounts

In 1999 the countries of the UE created the euro zone, they began to use the euro as the  official currency of  Europe. These countries are Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria and Finland.
Countries without the euro currency are Denmark and Sweden.

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